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Residential Garage Doors

Garage doors are an indispensable part of every neighbourhood. Before making such crucial investment for your house, we suggest you to make the purchase from the most trusted garage door company – Garage Door Brampton. We have a wide range of residential garage doors of every type and material. We also offer genuine spare parts and repair services.

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Residential Garage Doors

A garage door is by far the biggest movable door in your residence. Modern doors are loaded with its unique perks and privileges. Firstly, these doors provide security to your vehicles. The chances of the vehicle getting stolen become next to negligible if it is locked behind a garage door. Secondly, homeowners can utilize their garage to store other useful items.

Types of Garage Dors

  • Canopy Style – In this case, when the door is opened, it protrudes out of the framework and forms a canopy. These doors have springs installed which lift the door with the help of steel cables and drums. These doors are extremely popular since they can be installed easily and quickly.
  • Sectional Style – They are a new favorite among residents. A sectional door does not swing out during their operation and this is their biggest advantage. There are equipped with two rollers for each door panel enabling in a much rigid movement. These doors provide much greater security and can be easily controlled using a remote.
  • Roller Shutter Style – The roller shutter mechanism is a classic one and is widely used by people. The door revolves around a metal barrel. When the door is opened, it goes up and vice-versa when it is closed. The most commonly used roller shutter doors are made of double-skinned aluminium.

Dangers of Faulty Garage Doors

While a fully functional garage door is great, a faulty one on the other hand is a bane. Like any other mechanical device, garage doors can also develop faults. These faults can be a bit dangerous for homeowners. The most scary problem with garage doors is that they fail to reverse their movement. This can lead to an injury or damage. A garage door with faults should be immediately replaced to save yourself from any potential fatal injury.

Effect of Different Seasons on Garage Doors

Yes, garage doors are affected by the weather and climate. Here are details.

  • In Summer – During harsh sunny days, the temperature of your door can take a sharp toll. On a normal summer day, the temperature of your garage door can be upto 100 degrees Celsius. This heat has some adverse effects on the electronics of the garage door.
  • In monsoon – Lightening during monsoon is always accompanied with a power surge. This sudden power surge can damage the circuitry of your opener. It is always best to protect your opener by installing a surge protector.

Importance of Steel Stiffener

A steel stiffener is a part that is installed on the top of garage doors to prevent them from jamming. Usually, garage doors made of metal require stiffeners because after a certain time the panels move abruptly. These steel stiffeners have to be bought separately. They are a must so as to maintain the longevity and smooth operation of your garage door.

Advantages of Our Services

  • We, at Garage Door Brampton, have an extremely wide range of garage doors. Our firm sells all kinds of garage doors. These doors might differ in their style of operation, materials, price etc.
  • We promise the best prices in Brampton. Nobody can match our standards at this price. We have a broad bracket when it comes to price range. So homeowners can make a wise choice according to their pocket’s flexibility.
  • Each and every part is available here. From overhead and Clopay garage doors to Chamberlain openers, remotes, lubrication oils etc., we have anything related to garage doors.
  • We also provide service and repair for your old garage door. Our garage door experts can easily deal with issues related to garage doors and treat them in minutes.

Why Garage Door Brampton?

The above question would be best answered by our satisfied customers. We have everything you need with respect to garage doors. Our’s is a one stop shop. Moreover, our prices and services are the reason why we stand out. We are a trusted brand for garage door installation in Brampton and throughout GTA. Try us once and we promise that you won’t go anywhere else.

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