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Don’t Procrastinate Spring Replacement, Choose Brampton Garage Door

Don’t Procrastinate Spring Replacement, Choose Brampton Garage Door

Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Brampton is the ultimate stop over for garage door shoppers or those looking for a replacement. Our garage door experts can efficiently deal with any problem related to garage door including repair, parts replacement and annual maintenance. We are proud to state that our firm is the best when it comes to garage door spring repair in Brampton.

Our company deals in selling, installation and repair of all kinds of garage door spring. Springs are crucial to every garage door’s working. Hence, it is important to get the spring replaced well before it snaps due to wear and tear and pose any threat.

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 Role of a spring in the working of a garage door

Garage door itself is an extremely heavy machinery. Hence it requires a certain kind of spring system to help in its operation. These springs are installed at the top along with the cables so that they are able to compensate the weight of the door effectively.
When the door is opened, the springs help by sharing the door’s weight.
When the door is closed, these springs prevent the door from damage as without a spring they come striking down hard on the ground.

 Types of springs used in garage doors

  • Torsion Spring
    This type of spring is used more often. They are placed on the rod just above the door. Usually, only two springs are used. These springs can be incorporated in any kind of garage – manual or electronic. Such springs have a life cycle of approximately 10-20 thousand uses. In case one of the spring breaks, the other one will also die soon.
  • Extension Spring
    Extension springs have a totally different working procedure as compared to torsion springs. They operate by going along the tracks of the left and right door. These springs can be easily repaired or replaced. Since these springs are under extreme tension due to their position, there is always a certain kind of risk factor associated with them.

 Dangers associated with a broken spring

The major portion of the weight of the door is distributed to these springs. Hence, these springs are under a lot of tension at all times. Once the spring has lived past its age, it becomes a potential threat. Such a spring can snap anytime and cause a serious injury to anybody around the vicinity. Thus, the best way of prevention is to get the spring replaced before it expires.

Why replacement of garage door spring is necessary?

Springs are the life and blood of every garage door. Therefore, they demand proper care and maintenance. Homeowners should pay extra heed to the springs not just because it is crucial for the door’s working, but also for their safety. Replacing the spring within a regular time frame also ensures longevity of the door.

 Benefits of getting the spring replaced by Garage Door Brampton

  • We have a wide range of garage door springs priced according to the buyer’s budget. Our good quality springs usually start from $100 and go further up as per installation complexity.
  • Our garage door spring replacement cost is very consumer friendly and unlike other firms, we do not charge any unnecessary fees.
  • Our garage door experts always suggest a spring that is suitable according to the weight of the garage. This is important because if the spring is not compatible with the door’s weight, then it will break.
  • The springs we recommend come along with additional safety features. For instance, these springs are enclosed within cylinders. So, kids or any other individual stays safe from them even when they snap violently.
  • The springs we deal in are designed and manufactured taking the door into full consideration. So, both the door and the spring complement each other.
  • All these options ultimately benefit our customers as they are able to make a good choice according to their budget and need. For Wayne Dalton and Stanley garage doors we provide special solutions.

 Why Garage Door Brampton?

There are plenty of firms that offer garage door services in Brampton, but none of them can match our standard of services. We have the largest range of garage doors from well renowned manufacturers. They are available in all kinds designs, materials and finishes. Our garage door experts are also blessed with the right experience and knowledge essential for quick repair jobs. If you are thinking about the maintenance or replacement of your garage door, then you should definitely try us.

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