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Garage Door Remote Not Working? Dial Garage Door Brampton Now

Garage Door Remote Not Working? Dial Garage Door Brampton Now.

Garage Door Remote

Are you are a homeowner in Brampton who is facing a faulty garage door remote? If yes, then you have arrived at just the right place. Our company, Garage Door Brampton, is a leading garage door service provider in Brampton. We deal in all kinds of remote repair and replacement.

Our army of skillful employees will repair your garage door remote within hours. With a faulty remote, you will be stuck at home. It is best to get the remote repaired or replaced by our company – Garage Door Brampton.

Call us now to know more about exciting offers on Universal and Craftsman garage door remotes!

How Does a Garage Door Remote Work?

The primary purpose of these remotes is to open or close the garage door from a certain distance. The benefit of such remotes is that the driver does not need to get out of  the vehicle to manually operate the door. This device can operate the door from either side of the garage. Basically, such automated gates come with a transmitter and a receiver. The receiver is the motor attached to the gate, while the transmitter is the remote. The remote sends a radio signal to the receiver as per the driver’s requirement and the motor works accordingly.

Types of Garage Door Remotes

  • Universal Remotes – These are one of the best quality remotes. They work with almost all types of and kinds of garage doors. They can be easily programmed. These remotes also have an additional benefit i.e. they can be programmed to operate on two separate garage doors.
  • Visor Clip Remotes – Just like any other remote, these enable automatic operation of the garage door. However, these remotes come along with a visor clip. This clip sticks to the vehicle’s visor easily and holds the remote. Thus, the remote stays at its place every time reducing the chances of you losing it.
  • Liftmaster Remotes – Liftmaster remotes usually have 3 buttons on them. They have outstanding compatibility and can even work easily on garage doors which were manufactured after 1997.

Disadvantages of a Faulty Remote

A remote controlled garage has its own perks. One does not have to step out of the vehicle to manually operate the door. Plus there are a host of additional security features like theft alarms etc. A faulty remote has its downsides too. Imagine yourself getting late for an urgent meeting when suddenly you realize that your remote won’t work. Such a scenario is a very common and obviously you don’t want to get stuck in it. The best way to avoid it is to get your faulty remote replaced by Garage Door Brampton.

Security Features of remotes

Remotes work on the principle of radio waves. When a remote is programmed according to the opener of the garage, then a distinct set of attributes is given birth. These attributes are then used in the form of radio waves to open the garage for which the remote is programmed. These set of values/attributes differ from opener to opener. Thus, one cannot open your garage without your remote. Certain openers have an alarm installed in them. In case, a thief tries to break into the garage forcefully, then an alarm is set to alert the homeowner about the intrusion.

Why It Is Necessary to Replace Faulty Remote

Replacing a faulty garage door remote is very important. Usually, homeowners get rid of their faulty remotes immediately, but often people also tend to ignore it. If you have an automatic garage, then a remote is an indispensable part of the system. Garage door remotes have made life simpler. You don’t have to bother about closing the door after getting your vehicle out. The chances of intrusion become almost negligible. In case you have two separate garages, then you can easily operate them with a single remote.

Why Choose our Remote Replacement Services

  • When it comes to remotes, the first choice of people in Brampton is our firm. Well, there are justified reasons for it. There is an extremely wide range of remote options from which you can choose.
  • Our remotes have absolutely no compatibility issues and can work even work on garages that are a decade old.
  • These remotes can easily be programmed to operate on any garage door. Some popular brands of remotes that we sell are Universal, Craftsman, Wayne Dalton, Stanley, Genie and many more.
  • Our remotes have additional security features too so as to exclude any possibility of theft.

Why Garage Door Brampton

When we talk about garage doors and their services, then the name which every household in Brampton trusts is Garage Door Brampton. Our wide range of services, effective solutions and trustworthy garage door experts make us special. Garage door remote is an essential feature of garages. One cannot simply ignore a faulty remote. Hence, it is best to get it replaced from the experts.

Still confused about buying one? Need more info about remote options? Call Brampton Garage Doors anytime!

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