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Secure your Business Using Our Authentic Garage Door Brampton Products

Secure your Business Using Our Authentic Garage Door Brampton Products

Commercial Garage Doors

The most reliable firm for garage doors – Garage Door Brampton unveils its exclusive range of commercial garage doors. A garage door is an important security feature, be it residential or commercial. When we talk about warehouses or service stations, then garage doors are a must have. Businesses are always a good prey for thieves. Hence, a garage door at such places comes in handy reducing chances of theft drastically.

Want a garage door for your large business? Don’t worry! Call us anytime to learn more about the best commercial garage doors in Brampton.

Where are Commercial Garage Doors used?

Commercial garage doors are an important asset of many large warehouses and businesses. Storage facilities, auto service stations, factories, sheds, and manufacturing facilities also make use of these kind of doors to safeguard the commodities.

Commercial garage doors are extremely tough. They are built from the sturdiest materials. So, the chances of intrusion are almost negligible. It is so because the items behind these garage doors could be manufactured products or machinery that is of vital importance to the company. Every organization with high ceiling construction employs commercial garage doors.

Some Important Aspects of Commercial Garage Doors

  • Panel Gauge – A panel gauge is an extremely useful for constructing a layout for large panels for commercial garage doors. It is basically a marking gauge made up of wood to design and handle big doors.
  • Steel Grade – It is a grading system to classify different kinds of steels based on their composition and physical properties. Steel is extensively used to manufacture commercial garage doors. In order to decide which kind of steel would be perfect, a steel grade is used.
  • R Value – It is another crucial factor of garage doors. The R value is a measure of the thermal resistance offered. Whenever garage doors are made, they are constructed in such a way that they give a balanced thermal resistance. R value between 13 to 17 is considered apt for commercial garage doors.

Types of Commercial Garage Doors

The three most prominent types of commercial garage doors are:

  • Aluminum Doors – These doors are available in a wide variety of designs and patterns. They usually include windows in order to allow more visibility and light. They are most commonly used by car dealers and fire stations.
  • Steel Sectional Doors – These doors have multiple options for gauge and insulation. They provide the best security and climate control. These doors can also be availed in a certain embossing and glaze.
  • Rolling Steel Doors – These kind of doors are ridged with steel strips that enable the doors to roll up overhead. These steel strips make the door more sturdy against any impact. These doors further have several types and can be used in several places.

Dangers of Faulty Doors

Garage doors are integral to businesses. Period! They provide security and a distinct charm to the workplace. However, a faulty door is nothing but a ‘mobile threat’. Faulty parts like springs, cables, openers etc. can cause the door to function abnormally leading to an accident. Injuries caused by faulty garage doors are reported every now and then. Therefore, whenever you detect something wrong with your door, consult Garage Door Brampton immediately for a repair or replacement.

Why Garage Doors Crucial for Businesses?

Businesses that deal in products require places to store them. Once, you store these products, you also have to think about the security of these items. Thieves are always on hunt. Leaving these items in the warehouse without any doors is an open invitation. The best solution to this problem is secureing it via commercial garage doors.

Places like factories house expensive machinery which is especially designed to manufacture certain products. Loosing such crucial parts of the factory would result in a huge loss for the company. Safeguard the factory to prevent a big heist from your workplace.

Advantages of Purchasing from Garage Door Brampton

  • Garage Door Brampton is the best place in Brampton to provide garage solutions. We sell both – residential and commercial garages of various brands.
  • Our range of doors is beyond your than anybody else in Brampton. We have commercial doors of all sizes, designs, finishes, types and materials. Doors of popular companies like Stanley and Clopay can also be availed by us.
  • The deal you will get on our doors will be the best. Our price bracket is wide and has something for everyone. Pay us a visit and we can assure you that you will definitely find a door that is best according to your need and pocket.
  • Our firm only deals in genuine branded parts. We do not sell parts that we don’t find up to the mark. So in case you want a replacement of a  certain part of your door, then Garage Door Brampton would be undoubtedly your best choice.
  • Our garage door experts are available for your service 24/7. In case you suffer any breakdown with your door, contact us immediately and our professionals will there in no time.

Why Garage Door Brampton?

Garage Door Brampton is by any means the best place when it comes to garage doors in Brampton. We have a huge range of commercial and residential doors in every price bracket. Our doors come with additional security add-ons so as to protect your valuable life and property. So, if you are planning to buy garage door(s) for your commercial place, then Garage Door Brampton is the right place for you!

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